Cloud B2B Platform

Cloud B2B Platform

Cloud B2B platform provides a secure, API-enabled approach to EDI and allow the business to respond faster to evolve customer demands and needs. Engage customers and partners across the entire digital platform with flexible deployment in any cloud, self-service including partner onboarding, testing with test data, troubleshooting, governance and end-to-end transaction visibility.

A micro-services approach to processing the EDI documents as well as reuse of business logic for processing exchanges between business process, creates good business outcomes for the entire echo system not just B2B communication. The platform allows organization to build the B2B communities and partners integration development within out of the box features.

Cloud B2B Platform

Platform Overview

  • Microservices based Scalable Architecture.
  • Supports wide range of B2B Protocols and Data Transformation.
  • Simple to complex multistep integrations between various cloud and on-premise system using Reusable APIs.
  • Visibility and Observability through Centralized Governance Systems.
  • Community and Partner Management.

Benefits Of Cloud B2B Platform

Faster Implementation:

Reduce manual involvement and improve response times by implementing DevOps-friendly configuration, operational APIs, and low-code/no-code integrations. Cut onboarding time to minutes.

Security and Protocols

Leverage strong security protocols, data integrity checking, and guaranteed delivery across a wide range of internet-based B2B messaging protocols, including EDIINT AS2, SFTP, and HTTP.


Gain total visibility and control of your B2B transactions and processes and enhance business application reliability.

Simple Solution

Support new integration patterns by combining APIs, cloud, and on-premises services into a single solution.

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