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Salesforce is not complex!

Which best describes you?
  • Are you an independent Salesforce admin overwhelmed or occasionally looking for assistance?
  • Are you the leader who thought Salesforce was a good idea, but having challenges to make it easy to use, adopt with in your team and not able to achieve ROI?
  • Is your team short of Salesforce expert? May be you don’t need a full time resource, you just need a little extra help to manage Salesforce?

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Start with Salesforce Integration

  • Need a 360-degree-view of your customers by bringing data across multiple sources?
  • Need effective and cost effective ways to connect multiple disparate systems?
  • Need help in automating from simple to complex multistep integrations between various cloud and on-premise systems?

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Radixlink helped us to create a system that was ideal for our business needs by utilizing the relevant features of Salesforce. They have gone above and beyond in helping to recognize existing problems and provided solutions that not only improved the business process but also the business development team has the system they need to be successful. Overall improved our Sales conversion rate and reduced the sales cycle.

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