Salesforce Integration

Integration is one of the most strategic investments a business can make today. A connected business is a smart business. Integrating your business systems enables a holistic view of your customer, your data, and your organizational health. It creates a better customer experience and improves your internal workflow. When done – and done right – you’ll be more efficient, productive, and profitable. Radixlink’s experience is in delivering complex integrations has enabled many of our customers in achieving significant business benefits.

Benefits of Integration:

  • Eliminate Error: By integrating Salesforce with your end-end system, you eliminate the need for manual data entry by having the two systems speak directly to each other.
  • Real Reporting: Think of the reporting and data strength you can gain by tying two of your business’s biggest tools together. You can equip your sales team with a whole new view of their customers, leveraging Salesforce’s top of the line reporting to dig deeper and see more.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Better reporting and integration gives you better visibility
  • Streamlined Process: When you streamline your processes through an automated integration, your team is equipped to do more with less.