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Salesforce Optimizer And Security Health Check | RADIXLINK

Salesforce Optimizer And Security Health Check

Salesforce Optimizer and Security Health Check

Maintaining all the features across your Salesforce instance can be challenging and time consuming.  These features would have been developed over a period of time.  You wouldn’t find time to perform all the maintenance work on your existing features.  To add to that, with three Salesforce releases per year full of hundreds of new features, it’s hard to keep up with the new features and implement them.  Even then, it is hard to know where to start because there are many areas to look into – Apex code, workflow rules, custom fields, user profiles, reports, storage and edition limits, security settings etc.  The list is endless.

Here are some of the questions Salesforce Admins would be wondering every day:

  • Are we close to the Salesforce edition limits?
  • Are there too many fields on a page layout?
  • Are we approaching Salesforce apex governor limits?
  • Are all the teams using the features that are enabled for them?
  • Are the right users give the data access to work with?
  • Are there any additional data security permissions enabled?
  • Are there new features released by Salesforce that we can use to replace/rework existing implementation?
  • What are the hidden bugs in the code?
  • Who sees what? and who can do what?

This is where “Salesforce Optimizer” and “Security Health Check” come to the rescue.  For Admins, Salesforce Optimizer is the maintenance, productivity, and adoption tool while Security Health Check is the security tool.  Let’s look in these 2 tools to give you an overview of how these can help you to perform your support activities.

Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer takes the guesswork out of how to improve features, cleanup customization, reduce complexity and drive feature adoption.  Any org can benefit from Optimizer.  Optimizer gives you a detailed report on more than 25 org metrics covering everything from storage, fields, custom code, custom layouts for objects, reports and dashboards, and much more.

The tool analyzes the Salesforce implementation to determine how your company uses the Salesforce features, looks for potential problems in your implementation and then identifies the ways to improve them.  When you run the Optimizer from Salesforce, it generates a PDF file with the summary of the analysis and steps to optimize it.

Here’s some of the problems Optimizer solves for you:

  • Salesforce Optimizer combs through all your custom fields and page layouts and identifies potential candidates for cleanup.
  • Gets you details on common governor limits, so you can avoid them before things start breaking.
  • The tools recommends new features that provide real value to users.
  • Salesforce Optimizer can even help you prepare for your move to Lightning Experience. Run a report to see which fields, layouts, automation, Apex code, and other configurations you’re not using and transition only the ones you need.
  • Salesforce Optimizer uses a simple color-coded rating system to help you figure out what to tackle first.

Security Health Check

As the name suggests Security Health Check tools main focus is Security.   Health Check improves the Salesforce Org’s overall security and the ability to keep out the bad ones out.  Salesforce data is protected from unauthorized access from outside the company, but you also want to safeguard it from inappropriate usage by the company’s own users.  The security features in Salesforce enable Admins to help the users do their jobs efficiently, without getting in their way any more than necessary.

With Health Check, you can identify and fix vulnerabilities in your security settings, all from a single page. A summary score shows how well your org is aligned with the Salesforce recommended standard.

Snapshot of Health Check Report

Each setting listed as a risk has a handy Edit link that takes you to the page where you can adjust the setting to the standard value. For reference, standard values are listed in Health Check.


  • Salesforce Optimizer

  • Security Health Check


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