Integration is one of the most strategic investments a business can make today. A connected business is a smart business. Integrating your business systems enables a holistic view of your customer, your data, and your organizational health. It creates a better customer experience and improves your internal workflow. When done – and done right – you’ll be more efficient, productive, and profitable. Radixlink’s experience is in delivering complex integrations has enabled many of our customers in achieving significant business benefits.

Start With Salesforce Integration

  • Need a 360-degree-view of your customers by bringing data across multiple sources?
  • Need effective and cost effective ways to connect multiple disparate systems?
  • Need help in automating from simple to complex multistep integrations between various cloud and on-premise systems?

Benefits Of Integration

Eliminate Error

By integrating Salesforce with your end-end system, you eliminate the need for manual data entry by having the two systems speak directly to each other.

Real Reporting

Think of the reporting and data strength you can gain by tying two of your business’s biggest tools together. You can equip your sales team with a whole new view of their customers, leveraging Salesforce’s top of the line reporting to dig deeper and see more

End-to-End Visibility

Better reporting and integration gives you better visibility

Streamlined Process

When you streamline your processes through an automated integration, your team is equipped to do more with less.

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